Call for abstracts

This is a Call for Abstracts for the International Meeting “Wood and Charcoal: Approaches from Archaeology, Archaeobotany, Ethnography and History”. This meeting is organised by Lab2Pt and the University of Minho, and will take place in Braga (Portugal) from 15-16 April 2016. It is focused on the study of wood and charcoal from archaeological, archaeobotanical, ethnographic and historical approaches. The organisation welcomes short-communications and posters in English or Portuguese. Candidates are invited to submit a title and abstract of 300 words maximum before March 21th 2016. The abstract, accompanied by the affiliation and address data of the candidate, can be submitted to the following e-mail: Candidates will be informed regarding the acceptance of their proposals by the 1st of April 2016.


Session 1:: Archaeology and Archaeobotany of Wood

This session addresses studies on wood preserved by waterlogging, charring, dessication or mineralisation and recovered from archaeological contexts from any chronology and any place in the world. Contributions dealing with indirect evidences of  wood or timber -clay imprints, use wear analysis, skeuomorphs, etc.- are also welcome.

Session 2:: Wood and ethnography

This session is intended for contributions on ethographic, ethnobotanic and ethnoarchaeological research: studies regarding the symbology of wood and trees, traditional practices of forest management, traditional uses of trees and their wood.

Session 3:: Wood and History

Contributions to the study of forest and wood from History are welcome including forest exploitation, timber building, wood trade, carpentry practices, symbolism, beliefs, etc.